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Viziers and Maximizing Your Power
« on: December 02, 2018, 10:51:05 pm »
Please note that this is a lengthy guide covering many key topics about viziers. Use the Ctrl + F (windows, sorry mac users) to locate a topic by heading if you don't want to read the whole thing. Topics in order are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Calculating Vizier Power at Max Level and Talent
  • Choosing the Best Viziers
  • How Many Viziers Should You Work on at a Time
  • Improving your chosen Viziers

IMPORTANT: Numbers are pulled directly from game and have been verified by many many other players. However, other parts of this guide are suggestions. They are the opinion of the author and while have proven successful for many players, this is not the only way to play Game of Sultans.


____________________     Introduction     ____________________

Viziers are the most important part of Game of Sultans. Choosing the right vizier to improve can make a huge difference in the amount of content you can access. Viziers determine your strength when participating in union war and voyages, hunting grounds, fortress siege, pirate hunter, arena and the final castle in the campaign map. They also greatly effect how much coin/grain/soldiers you get from levies and dealing with affairs along with how many soldiers you loose during campaigns.  So who is the best vizier and how do you choose them?

Viziers have four attributes: Military, Research, Politics and Prestige with military being your most important stat. Research, politics and prestige impact your viziers HP in Arena. They also contribute to your Sultan's overall power seen  on your player info page (click the face icon on the top left of the screen to view). These numbers determine how much you get from levies and affairs and also your strength when fighting numbered castles on the campaign map. They currently have no other uses.

Military however is a key factor in determining your attack power for almost every other part of the game. The power of your viziers is calculated using a relatively simple formula involving your military talent, level, and military attributes: (Total Military Talent * Level * 5000) + Military Attributes (see attached image). As seen in the formula military talent is the biggest impact on a viziers power. Currently viziers have a max level of 400. At the same time they have a max level of 350 for talents. Military talent points are equal to level * number of stars. For example a 1* military talent at level 20 gives 20 talent points. A 4* military talent at level 20 will give 80 talent points. You can see this formula in action when you join a union voyage, get to the named castle at the end of a campaign map, in hunting grounds, and in fortress siege each day.

____________________     Calculating Vizier Power at Max Level and Talent     ____________________

Let's take these numbers to end game and look at what this means when you reach max level in both vizier level and talents. Ahmelek and other early game viziers who do not specialize in military talents (Kane, Ishak, Nash, Lala for example) are common favorites of new players to start leveling and make their best heroes. This is typically done because they have 1* military talents and thus a 100% success rate for badges. This makes them cheap and easy to improve which is great when starting out. However this will be a very poor decision down the road.

Ahmelek at level 400 (max level) and at level 350 talent (max talent) will have a base of 700 million attack power (350*400*5000). [NOTE: This is without including the +Military Attributes as this will vary depending on the amount of military books used per player.] Sounds good right? Veli your very first military vizier has a 2* military talent and a 4* military talent. This means at level 400 and max talents he will have 4.2 BILLION attack power. ((350*2+350*4)*400*5000) This means Veli will be at least 6x stronger then Ahmelek by the time you finish leveling him. However, he will be harder to level up, which is why he tends not to be chosen. Veli has a 50% and 25% chance to succeed in using badges as opposed to Ahmelek's 100% chance.

____________________      Choosing the Best Viziers    ____________________

Overall your best choice is to use military focused viziers. While short term they will be somewhat harder to level up, down the road they will be much stronger and more useful to you. Military viziers are almost always 2x stronger then any other vizier in game (with the exception of exceptional viziers such as Murat (VIP 3), Darmat (VIP 10), and the cross server viziers who have almost or exactly the same talents in every area) again at max level and talent.

When starting Veli and Hadim who both have a 2* military talent make excellent starting viziers because they will still finish relatively strong while not feeling impossible to level up. These two viziers will end up being mid strength by end game and will not be a waste to invest in (6th and 7th out of 12 excluding VIP 4 and higher). Looking long term at all the viziers you could acquire (outside of Cross server as this will not affect most players) the viziers are ranked strongest to weakest as follows:

  • 17.5 billion: Darmat (VIP 10)
  • 12.6 billion: Jonas (VIP 9)
  • 9.1 billion: Sormet (VIP 7)
  • 7.7 billion: Outstanding Four (Any), Ibrahim (VIP 5)
  • 6.3 billion: Hersek (First Purchase), Yusuf (Grand Sultan I)
  • 5.6 billion: Fazil (80,000 Power), Davut (Master Sultan I), Magnificent Five (Any)
  • 4.9 billion: Hadim (Young Sultan II)
  • 4.2 billion: Murat (VIP 3), Veli (Young Sultan I)
  • 3.5 billion: Gedik (2,000 Power), Lufti (5,000 Power), Mesih (60,000 Power)

  • 700 million power: Ahmelek, Hocas, Lala, Ishak, Kane, Nash, Baltac, Candar, Alihad, Kzaraman, Zaganos, Evliya, Sinan, and Ayas
  • 1.4 billion power: Piyale, Piri, Sokolluzade
  • 2.1 billion power: Seimi and Merzif
  • 2.8 billion power: Alamus

As seen here the best viziers to have that don't cost a thing are obviously the Outstanding Four. Predictably they are insanely hard to get and will take months to get even one of them (Pirate Hunter has helped this process a bit). The most practical viziers to work on are Hersek (If you are willing to spend 99 US cents to get), Fazil, Davut, Hadim and the Magnificent 5 as you acquire them (if you participate in union war this will happen faster). Davut and Hadim (and/or Veli) are excellent starting viziers because you get them fairly early on in game play and will have a ton of time to improve them. They also have the bonus of consorts which will help boot their military attributes (think of as free military books). As you acquire the Magnificent 5 I encourage you to start making them some of your best viziers. Having 2 magnificent 5 viziers increases their military attributes both by 40%, 3 by 60%, 4 by 80% and all 5 by 100%. This is a huge increase to their military attributes. Having 3 Magnificent 5 (60% boost) is comparable to having the consort skills (1 and 2) at around level 200 not to mention it effects ALL of them. Once you start collecting the Outstanding 4 you will want to make them your priority. They have an easy 2* military talent for badges and have some of the greatest power potential outside of spending a couple thousand US dollars on the game. \

____________________     How Many Viziers Should You Work on at a Time     ____________________

Currently viziers impact several areas of the game, but there are some key areas that are going to make a lot of difference in terms of numbers. First off we have hunting grounds. There is a total of 20 levels with the hardest level White Tiger (20) capping at 1.6 billion HP. As seen in the list above any of your military viziers would be able to one shot that, but only once you maxed them out. In the mean time levels 1-7 can be taken out by viziers around level 150 with little to no military development. Arguably you only need 10 - 13 top viziers.

In union war you need 16 viziers, 8 for defense and 8 for offense. The first two rounds (8 viziers) will be against mostly NPC unions (not real players) and won't require high amounts of strength. Arguably then you will need 8 strong viziers, primarily 4 for the final rounds to get a final ranking position.

Depending on your union you will need at most 6 viziers for voyages. Typically unions only start 1 or 2 that they can for sure finish, while others may open all of them to get the partial rewards from having attended. If there is no actual intention to complete, you will not need strong viziers for this. This would then imply that you would need probably only 2 strong viziers for this section of the game.

Other unmentioned areas are Arena, Campaign, and Pirates:
  • Arena - 1 or 2 if you are doing Revenge attacks or Raids. (Choice is random otherwise and doesn't have a huge impact on game play outside of arena ranking rush every couple weeks).
  • Campaign: The final castle should take no more then 10 viziers to completely kill. If you are using more then this your power is not strong enough and you are probably wasting a TON of soldiers fighting in campaign. Wait a bit and finish some more levels later after powering up.
  • Pirates: This is a sum total of all your viziers power. Having 10 mediocre viziers at 5mill power is the exact same as having 2 powerful viziers at 10 mill power and 8 weaker viziers at 3.75 mil power and having a couple stronger viziers is more useful in other areas of the game (above)

I recommend start working on 4 viziers at most. 2 is often a better place for players to start as it is much easier to make visible progress and to have better gains in content area such as hunting grounds, war, and campaign. This however is a personal choice. I can state however, that focusing on more then 8 will dramatically make you weaker then all the other players since you have no super strong viziers to lead your charge with. (Especially noticeable in voyage and union war).

____________________      Improving your chosen Viziers    ____________________

Once you picked out your favorite viziers to work on it is time to consider just how to improve them. As seen in the formula the number with the most impact is military talents. Focus first on viziers with 2 and 3 star talents. While 100% success is nice those viziers will never be as strong as your viziers that have higher star ratings for military. 2 star is a 50% success rate and while frustrating to fail will still see you improving at a similar rate to a 1* vizier as you will gain 2 talent points for every level you increase (as opposed to 1 for 1* skills). 3* is also an option, but it would be better to start your badges off on 2* skills in the beginning to have a solid starting base. IE: You will have one of your viziers strong enough to support you even if you have 5 fails in a row on military badges.

For talents 4* and higher (max of 6* currently) you should use Book XP. Book XP can be gained in a couple different ways. Viziers get 10 book XP every time they finish learning in the imperial academy which makes having extra seats open really important. You can also gain book XP predictably from Book XP packs. These can be bought in the union contribution store, earned during events or as a quest reward, earning VIP points, and in some purchase packs (US Dollars).

Attributes are also helpful, but not as impactful. As mentioned previously, prestige, research, and politics only impact the viziers HP in arena and help with the amount of levies you get. This means you do NOT need to spend prestige books on prestige viziers. As it is you will probably not be working strongly on these viziers and thus not gaining any benefits for arena. You will get the same benefits for levies no matter who the book goes to.

Having your top consort (Highest in charm/intimacy) being tied to a vizier you are actively working on is also extremely helpful. This means Dilara, Iris, Clara, Delorah, and Cecilia (Along with any VIP consort) are the best to make your top consort. Notice that Hope is missing from this list. While Mesih is a military vizier he is one of the worst ones to work on. He has some of the lowest base attack power of all the military viziers and his consort Hope boosts prestige for the first two skills meaning he does not get as much benefit from his consort (for attack) as other viziers do. He also has only 1 military talent, at 5* which makes him difficult to level. Sorry Mesih!

Hopefully this guide gives you much to think about and helps you in improving your attack power. Questions and comments are welcomed below!
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Re: Viziers and Maximizing Your Power
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 06:29:20 pm »
So I just read the whole thing and it makes perfect sense. Being who I am, I thought I was taking a shortcut focusing on those who only took military badges 100%. But the math adds up.

So as of right know, whoís your strongest vizier and who is the one youíre working right know?

Since reading this, Iíll be working on Vel,i  my strongest of the 5 and finish off Kane since I know itís a easy win.


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Re: Viziers and Maximizing Your Power
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2018, 10:52:54 pm »
My top viziers are currently 3 of the Magnificent 5 (Just got my 4th), Hadim, Davut, and Veli. I just got Hadim, Davut, and Veli up to 250 so I am back to focusing on my magnificent 3 again.


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Re: Viziers and Maximizing Your Power
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2018, 06:09:05 pm »
This does make a lot of sense.  Like Sultana Raven, I was using the military badges on those with one military star, because I was afraid of wasting them.  But I think this approach is better.

So my highest-ranked sultans are Murat and Veli.  I think I need to start working on Ozdem, Yusuf, Kilic, and Hersek.  I've been going about this all wrong...